Biodiversity Policy Symposium


Westcountry Rivers Ltd took part in a Public Policy Exchange symposium in London in April, in order to discuss Biodiversity 20:20 and the challenges for Local Authorities and public bodies. The symposium aimed to:

  • • Discuss the progress of the updated Biodiversity 2020 Delivery Plan
  • • Assess the progress and delivery of the strategy through the 24 Biodiversity 2020 indicators
  • • Examine how local conservation projects can contribute to delivering the Biodiversity 2020 strategy’s outcomes
  • • Explore the economic value and benefits derived from protecting biodiversity
  • • Share experience on implementing the Biodiversity Duty by local and all other public authorities

It was attended by a broad spectrum of interested parties, including, local councils and planning authorities, water companies, universities, Friends of the Earth, NBN Gateway, Zoological Society of London, Wildlife Trusts and other NGOs. Lively discussion and debate was had throughout the day, and lots of ideas and experiences were shared. Westcountry Rivers Ltd staff are now working on a number of ideas and potential future projects that build on the themes discussed and aim to contribute to the local delivery of biodiversity strategy and guide future policy making.