Welcome to Conservation Genetics Investigations

Conservation Genetic Investigations is a specialist conservation and environmental management service which for the first time enables mangers to employ cutting-edge genetic techniques to assist in mainstream conservation planning, delivery, monitoring and enforcement.

Areas of Expertise

Identification and analysis of population structure, extent and health

  • Development of baselines for all species including fish, birds, mammals and invertebrates
  • Genetic Impact of barriers on populations
  • Assessment of population health and scale relating to meta-popoulation dynamics and conservation master-planning

Investigation of Gene-Environment interactions

  • Heavy metals and other toxins
  • Impact of natural environmental factors on population dynamics
  • Neutral and selected markers analysed
  • Using rapid sequencing techniques to ascertain species lists to generate indicies of environmental pollution

Generating practical solutions

  • Multi-scale planning and spatial mapping and modelling for resource management
  • Practical advice for delivery
  • Metapopulation spatial planning to establish stable populations in spatially separated reserves

Identification of Salmonids to rivers of origin

  • Salmon identified to river, region and country of origin covering all of Europe including Iceland
  • Trout identified to river and region of origin covering all of southern England and Northern France
  • Forensic analysis to identify source populations for fish of unknown origin

Analysis of salmonid Mixed Stock Fisheries

The proportion of salmon and trout from different rivers caught in potential mixed stock fisheries can be determined