Tamar Ecology Staff

Tamar Ecology is a small team of professional ecologists and land managers, who can utilise the expertise of the Westcountry Rivers Trust staff for specialist projects. Tamar Ecology aims to provide cost effective, practical and expert advice across a range of ecological projects.     Our business is completely dependent on the skills and commitment of our staff. We employ a team of dedicated and highly motivated specialist consultants who are able to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience accrued from both the academic and commercial world. Our highly experienced team work to professional codes of conduct and are members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).    

Profiles of some of our key staff are provided below:

Russel SmithDr Russell Smith is the Director of Westcountry Rivers Ltd and has considerable experience in managing diverse multi-discipline environmental projects. Russell has over 10 years’ experience in catchment management and environmental monitoring in the public and private sector. This is complemented by a strong research background in environmental modelling, with publications in peer review journals.

NicolaNicola Dyer is a Senior Ecologist with over 25 years of experience in environmental surveys and assessments, working in both the public and private sector. She has a background in managing surveys for large scale development projects and coordinating ecological impact assessments.  Nicola has a particular interest in botany but also has expertise in protected species and habitat management and restoration.

JN photoJo Neville is a Senior Ecologist with over 10 years experience in ecological surveys and assessments. She has a background in managing large and medium scale development projects, including undertaking ecological surveys and providing high quality technical reports, including Ecological Impact Assessments, Habitat Regulations Assessments, Mitigation Strategies, protected species licence applications and Management Plans.  Jo holds survey licences for bats, dormice and great crested newts.

Sho web picShona McCombie is a Senior Ecologist who has 10 years experience within the consultancy sector. She has considerable experience in providing the ecological lead for large scale utility schemes including carrying out the ecological surveys, reporting and the planning and implementation of mitigation. Shona’s expertise lies in Ecological Impact Assessments, Habitats Regulations Assessments, European Protected Species Licence applications and Ecological Clerk of Works. She holds survey licences for bats and great crested newts.

ManAdrian Dowding has over 10 years’ experience in surveying the marine and freshwater environments and is our lead technical field scientist for these habitats. Adrian’s considerable expertise has been gained through management and on the ground delivery of environmental survey projects, largely freshwater and marine environments. Adrian’s marine expertise includes foreshore (intertidal) and underwater (subtidal) surveying. Adrian has experience with most technical equipment including imagery through drop-down cameras and ROVs.

NickDr Nick Paling is head of GIS, Evidence & Communications at WRT and his team provide data, mapping & modelling support for Tamar Ecology projects. Nick is an advanced user of ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop software and a number of other GIS applications and is highly experienced in spatial data creation and management, spatial analysis, 3D analysis and the mapping of spatial data and geographic information. Nick also coordinates and manages a series of large-scale monitoring programmes currently underway.

HazelHazel Kendall has extensive expertise in environmental surveying, sampling, monitoring and reporting and is a specialist in freshwater ecology, and has carried out a number of sampling operations; including extensive benthic macro invertebrate sampling, sorting and identification. This practical knowledge is supported by an understanding of a suite of biotic indices and RIVPACS/RICT software.  Hazel is also experienced in non-native invasive species surveying, and has managed large invasive species projects, including recording, mapping and control of Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed.

Bruce_StockleyDr Bruce Stockley is an experienced project manager, specialising in fisheries management, including numerous European funded projects in the South West. Bruce is currently leading the wide ranging AARC (Atlantic Aquatic Resource Conservation) project. This project links together water management, river restoration, conservation aquaculture, sustainable resource protection, and genetics.

Sarah_HoweSarah Howe works in the Finance and Accounts department, focusing on the integral management of the core accounts and comprehensively ensuring all administrational responsibilities are fulfilled to the highest standard


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Westcountry Rivers Trust GIS Team works closely with Tamar Ecology and has significant experience in using a number of water quality modelling tools, including; the UK Water Industry’s Source Apportionment GIS (SAGIS) tool, the Extended Export Coefficient Model (ECM+), the SCIMAP sediment risk model and the ADAS Farmscoper Tool.